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Our homes are privately owned and they have been entrusted to us in order for you to have a nice place to vacation so please treat it with care. Because these people have been nice enough to allow you to rent their home and share in the enjoyment of their home, if you damage property at one of our homes are if the law has to be called for disturbances you will NOT be allowed to rent with us in the future and you will be asked to leave immediately.

The furnishings and decorations reflect the homeowner’s  personal  taste and needs and all homes have their own uniqueness.  

Although we strive to provide you with the utmost in comfort and service,

we are unable to change or add to existing equipment or furnishings.  

Read over the information to help alleviate any confusion or misunderstandings.  


Your attention please:

*  Tenant is responsible for all linens (towels, sheets, etc.)!


* CHECK OUT time is promptly at 11:00 a.m.  and check in is not before 4:00 p.m.  To best service our guests, check out can be no later than 11:00 am.  We have to be sure the homes are ready for the next tenants coming in.



*  If, upon your arrival, you feel your property is not to your satisfaction, please notify our office immediately at 

(803)433-7368 (RENT)

We strive to insure the cleanliness of each of our properties. 



*  Please report any damage to the property or furnishings you may observe immediately upon arrival.  Should damages occur during your stay, calling immediately will expedite repair or replacement and ensure that you don't lose your security deposit.


 *   Appliances and air conditioners are not guaranteed and there will be no refunds due to their failure.  We will do our best to have all repairs completed as quickly as possible. To ensure a pleasant stay, please observe that the following are not permitted.......


*  ABSOLUTELY NO HOUSE PARTIES  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


*  NO exceeding maximum occupancy of this property.


*  NO phone calls are to be charged to this property.


*  NO PETS are allowed in any of the properties or on the premises, unless it is specified as one of our pet friendly homes. Pet friendly homes require a pet fee.  If you bring in a pet and don't pay that fee it will be deducted from security.


*  NO entering of private locked closets.  They are locked for a reason.


*  NO rearranging of furniture or removing of spreads, blankets or furniture.

*  NO grilling on decks or porches. 

Please grill out in the yard away from the house.


*  NO campers or motor homes are to be hooked up or used on this property.



When it's time to leave

To prepare for departure and ensure return of your

security deposit, note the following:

*Wash and put away any dirty dishes. 

*  No clothes are to be left in washer/dryer

*  No items left in microwaves or coffee pot

* No trash or personal items left in the house or yard 

* Make sure all windows/doors are locked and lights/ceiling fans are all turned off 

*  Set air thermostat to 80 degrees in the summer

*  Set heat to 50 degrees in the winter

* Return all keys to our office! There will be a $10 charge for keys not returned !


Tentative Reservations can be made for the next year:  


We accept weekly reservations up to a year in advance, if the corresponding date requested has passed in the current calendar year.  

A deposit is required, that is not refundable or transferable unless the property becomes unavailable for occupancy. You may roll over previous deposits.

Tentative reservations are accepted with the understanding that the

rate is subject to change.

Owners always have first choice of their property. 

Reservations must be confirmed with a full rental deposit prior to

January 31st of the following year. 

Prices are subject to change from year to year.

Vacation Rental Information

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